Attributes of a Good Board Member (in fact,this is your legal standard)

I hope that everyone is well.  Please take a moment to review the 11 items listed below.

I was a co-presenter at a Community Association Institute (“CAI”) program yesterday (with Ryan Bonham of Advanced Community Services) where, with nearly 90 Board members in attendance, we conducted a Board Leadership Development Workshop.  The following “attributes of a good board member” come from that presentation.

I suggest that each reader take this list to their full Board and review it together and I encourage any questions that these issue may generate:

  1.  Respect others by arriving in time to Board meetings;
  2. Come prepared to make decisions, have reviewed the Board packet in advance and gathered any information needed to make a decision;
  3. Follow the agenda; avoid “side conversations” that take the Board discussion off track;
  4. Act professionally at all times, avoid sarcasm and name calling;
  5. Speak only when recognized by the “chair” and address comments to the “chair” rather than to another person;
  6. Refrain from making excessive comments so that others are given an opportunity to express their views;
  7. Have a basic understanding of your governing document (CCRs, Bylaws, Rules);
  8. Make decisions through the use of motions and seconds;
  9. Set aside any personal agenda, prioritizing decisions that are in the best interest of the community as a a whole;
  10. Disclose any conflict of interest (or any perceived conflict of interest) and abstain from voting on such matters;
  11. Respect the authority of the Board by refraining from speaking outside the meeting on issues unless appointed by the Board as its spokesperson on an issue.

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