1. Litigation Trends 2018 – The most common issues we dealt with in 2018 that actually went to court:

  • Architectural Restriction Disputes
  • Submittal of Plans to the ACC and Whether the Interpretation was Correct
  • Rogue Board Members – namely, Board members who do not support the majority Board decision and start to disparage the sitting Board
  • Water Shares
  • Misuse of Associations Funds by the Board
  • Selective Enforcement – the all to common allegation “the association is picking on me and no others
  • HOA Lien Foreclosures (despite a slightly better economy, we actually foreclose more HOA liens in 2018 than in years past.

2. Basic Policies Every Association Should have in Place

– Collection Resolution (critical)
– Document Retention Policy (newer but highly recommended)
– Fining Policing / Schedule of Fines (critical)
– Code of Conduct – for Board and Owners – (more and more common)
– Confidentiality Policy for Board Members (more and more common)
– Covenant / Rule Enforcement Policy (common). At what point does a Board have to get involved with a dispute?
– Hearing Policy (for owner to dispute a fine, etc.)
– Electronic Voting / Communication Policy

3.   13 Things to Check / Do Every Year:

1. Your Nonprofit Corporate Status – updated? Renewed?
2. Your Registered Agent – updated? Why is this important?
3. Your Utah HOA Registry Status – know what the penalty is?
4. Do you know which provisions of your CCRs are TRUMPED by Utah law?
5. Do you have some sort of welcome packet within your community? Why might this be a good idea?
6. Plan your Board meeting calendar for the full year – why is this a bad or good idea?
7. Have you started to keep a Book of Resolutions? (what are Resolutions?)
8. Are you Vendor contracts in 1 central location?
9. Do you file your own liens? Do you know Utah’s requirements for liens?
10. Are you keeping minutes? Detailed (they should not be detailed)? Executive Session – do you know the rules for Executive Session?
11. Is it time to update your Reserve Analysis?
12. Do you have the right insurance? What is your deductible?
13. Do you have the “basic” policies listed above?
4. 2019 Legislation
1. Fixes to Reinvestment Fee Statute (master / sub HOA issue)
2. Fixes to “payoff amounts at closing” in both statutes
3. Records – clarifying what is and is not an “association record”
4. Fines – issues about fining in increments of 10 days for consecutive violations…
5. HOA Registry Fix – “lien may not arise” versus “lien may not be enforced”


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