Purpose of this HOA Blog

Thanks for signing up to what I intend on being the only HOA blog you will ever need to read!  Current Board members and Property Managers will primarily benefit from this blog. However, so will owners who are considering running for the Board as will all homeowners who simply want to better understand their HOA.

We will discuss common topics including collections, the enforcement of all types of covenants, Fair Housing Laws, applicable statutes, proposed legislation, rentals, FHA compliance, pets, parking, reserve funding, contracting with vendors, insurance, HOA lawsuits (to sue or what to do if you are sued) and when it is time update your CCRs and Bylaws (and I’m just getting started).

Be sure to review the “MENU BAR” across the top of the page for upcoming events and training sessions and other valuable information.  ALSO, unlike other blogs, I would like you to submit topics that you want me to address.  Please remember, however, that I cannot offer specific legal advice to you or your HOA but I will respond generally.  This is an educational blog that will “point you in the right direction” but I ask that you not rely on anything specific discussed here – rather – simply contact me and let’s resolve your HOA issue(s) more formally.

As we begin, I want you remember one (1) key concept:  You either live in a (1) condominium; (2) a planned unit development (PUD); or (3) a cooperative.  A “townhome” is an architectural style, the other three (3) categories are FORMS OF OWNERSHIP.  So, a townhome (which is not a form of ownership) will either be a condominium or PUD style townhome.  This is critical so you know which statutes and laws apply to you.

My intent is to help maximize your “community association” or “HOA” experience by encouraging everyone to follow the rules yet not feel like there is too much oversight in the neighborhood.  THIS BALANCE CAN BE FOUND and this blog will show you how to find it!   I look forward to helping you all.  Here we go!

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